ISAR Research Group

ISAR Research Group

The ISAR research group specialises in the study of the storage, analysis and retrieval of information. With ever increasing amounts of digital information, search has become an  essential enabling technology for users trying to find relevant information.

The group’s research is therefore concerned with the design, implementation and application of efficient algorithms and data structures for effective information storage and retrieval systems, and with the careful evaluation of search performance. We analyse and develop algorithms for processing information represented in text,numeric, image, audio, and video data, and the group encompasses the study of many applications that use these algorithms including search engines, recommender systems, and database systems.

The ISAR group is based in the School of Science at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Please contact us to talk about potential new projects, collaborations,
or joining the group as a research student or visiting researcher.

News: A Visiting Student Scheme has been launched to support students who are interested in visiting the ISAR group to carry out high-quality research.

See our new Prof of Data Science position posted at KDnuggets.