Visiting Student Scheme

Visiting Student Scheme

The Information Storage, Analysis and Retrieval (ISAR) group at RMIT has opened a visiting student scheme, to support high calibre research students for both short and longer term visits to the group to conduct joint research work on areas of mutual interest.

Scheme Categories:

I. long-term (3-6 month visit): living allowance per month, plus return airfares

II. mid-term (2-4 weeks): living allowance, plus return airfares

III. short-term (1 week): Accommodation, plus return airfares (both booked by RMIT)

Application Deadline:

June 1, 2017, 23:59, Pacific Time, or until all positions are filled.


  1. The scheme is primarily intended for PhD students (who have already passed their Qualification Exam at their respective university). We may also accept Master’s/Bachelor students who can demonstrate strong research & development expertise to the assessment panel.
  2. Your main research expertise should generally fit in the area of information retrieval, and in particular should align with the research specialisations of the ISAR group at RMIT.

Application materials (required for all schemes):

The student should provide the following, sent as one PDF file to the contact address (below):

  1. A 1-2 page research proposal (in line with the proposed duration of stay), including clearly planned outcomes.

Please indicate the linkage between the proposal and research projects/interest of a one or more members of the RMIT ISAR group (preferred), or alignment with the group’s research focus areas (required).

The proposed research should be of high quality, for example something that could be published at a top conference such as ACM SIGIR or CIKM.

  1. A 1-2 page CV highlighting key achievements, plus a full publications list (for journal papers, please indicate the impact factor; for conference papers, please refer to to find the rank of the conference, if available).
  2. Evidence that you have contacted at least one faculty member in the RMIT ISAR group and obtained their agreement to be your potential supervisor during your visit. Your research proposal should be reviewed and agreed by your potential local supervisor before submitting your application.
  3. Separately, as a final step the student’s supervisor must provide a letter of support, emailed directly to the contact address (below). Please note that an application will not be considered complete until such a letter is received.

Extra application materials for the short- and mid-term schemes:

The RMIT supervisor who would like to host this student visit must provide a statement (of at most 1 page) that demonstrates:

  1. That you have built a relationship with the student or their supervisors, and have started collaborating with each other before the student visits RMIT.
  2. The purpose for short/mid-term visit (e.g. any specific research problem you are working on with the student) and the expected outcomes.

Review process:

The ISAR group will form a review panel and aim to provide a decision within 14 business days (unless specified otherwise).

Contact details:

All information should be sent in an email with the subject “ISAR Visiting Student Scheme” to and, copied to the proposed RMIT-based collaborator and the student’s supervisor.